fight | livigayle's Blog i have to say is ! im riding home with my dad and he says to me "i dont think you believe in sin so much.youre care too much about what others care about the way you wear to much show cleveage too much.that is not what god look like your gonna be on a street corner soon.i dont know if your even my daughter anymore.youve changed in a bad way.i dont like what you have become."I HATE HIM!! we yalled for almost and hour.then i sat in my room and cut and sorry lyssa i didnt come to you first but i just had too!

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Posted on 08:35AM on Oct 17th, 2012
Some people we may never get to understand but you can't let his words get to you. You know who you are. I know how hard it is to have a dad arguing ardently about personal stuff and know what a burden it can be and how hurtful it is. But you need to get up and be strong!!!. I believe you can :)

God bless you!!
Posted on 12:06PM on Oct 17th, 2012
god bless u to! thanks and its great to know some one understands .thank you
Posted on 12:32PM on Oct 17th, 2012
Babydoll, no more cutting. Please... It tears apart your precious skin and leaves scars. Scars cover up your beautiful soul... Please no more...
Posted on 12:33PM on Oct 17th, 2012
im sowwy lyssa
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